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Thang Long II Industrial Zone (Under Pho Noi B Industrial Zone)

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Geographical location:
Located adjacent to Highway 5 (Hanoi – Hai Phong); 30 km from Hanoi, 70k m from Hai Phong port, 110km from Quang Ninh deep-water port.

Scale of land area:
345.2 hectares
In which: Stage 1: 219.6 hectares, 154 hectares of land area for rent
Stage 2: 125.6 hectares, 101 hectares of land area for rent.
Industrial zone technical infrastructure:
Stage 1:
ThangLong Industrial Zone II has completed the work of compensation, site clearance the whole land area of the industrial zone and has completed construction of technical infrastructure on an area of 154.4 hectares.
The system of internal road in the industrial zone, water supply and drainage systems, power supply, firefighting system, water supply plant with capacity of 4,500 m3/day and night and wastewater treatment plant with capacity of 3,000 m3/day and night have been completed and put into operation. Investors are actively investing in building infrastructure for the remaining part of the 65,3 hectares area.
Phase 2: In 2011, the Government has agreed to supplement Thang Long Industrial Zone II to the list of industrial zones that are expected to expand in 2015, with an area of 125.6 hectares. So far, investors are carrying out of compensation, site clearance and ground leveling to implement phase 2 according to the registered progress.
The sector attracting investment project:
Projects in the field of manufacturing of electronic products and precision engineering; the electronic engineering industry, transport machinery, light industry; industrial gas production.
Investment project attraction status:
By the end of 2012, industrial zone has received over 36 projects from Japan with a total investment of 1,040 million USD, including a number of projects with large-scale capital: the projects of Hoya Glass disk Company, Hamaden Company, Toyota, Kyocera Vietnam Co., Ltd… Currently, the total land area of Phase 1 is 106 hectares with occupancy rate of 70% of the land area which is capable for rent in phase 1 (106/154 hectares). In total registered projects, there are 21 projects went into operation, creating jobs for about 4,000 workers.
Owner of Thang Long II Industrial Zone:
Thang Long II Industrial Zone Co., Ltd
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