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Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park

HoaLac Hi-tech park is one of the first crucial projects of Vietnamese Government which aims to develop hi-tech industry and national R&D. The total area of this project is 1.586ha with 9 main functions: Education and Training, Software, R&D, silicon valley, center, general service area, resident and office buildings, residence buildings for experts and workers, Entertainment and Sport center. Hoa Lac hi-tech park is expected to become a national center of research, development and application of high technology which incubates high tech enterprises, create qualified labor, leverage high tech production and trading with full facilities, infrastructure and services of modern technology city.

Why choose Hoa Lac hi-tech park?
Good location
High qualified labor
Modern infrastructure
Policies which highly favor investment
“One door” mechanism
Hoa Lac Industrial Park is located 25km away to the West from Hanoi, 42km away from Noi Bai Airport and 100km away from Hai Phong. It also lies next to Hanoi National University. It has advantages in terms of traffic to Hanoi through Thang Long high way and other locations
Modern infrastructure
Waste water treatment system
Modern internal route system
Water resources: 3000m3/daily
Electricity with power stations of 63 MVA
Internet/Telecommunication: Viettel, FPT and VNPT
Labor resources
Human resource development is one of the most important factors of Hoa Lac hi-tech park. It was proven by the fact that the park is located next to Hanoi National University – one of the most well-known universities in Vietnam with variety of training departments: economics, technology, finance, accounting and other social fields. In 2020, there will be around 60.000 students studying in this area and the number will increase to 100.000 in 2050. Also, FPT university and other universities such as Vietnam-Japan University, University of Science and Technology have been active in the park
Industries that are highly favored
Bio- technology
New material technology
Automatic technology
Investment Criteria of R&D
Modern technology: 1/3 automatic equipment
R&D investment: 1% of total revenue
Engineers: 5% of total employees working in R&D
Environment protection: ISO 14000
In order to create a science city and guarantee quality for people working and studying in the area, Hoa Lac hi-tech park also prioritizes the investors which invest in resident building, office, shopping malls, hospital schools, logistic service and entertainment 
Favorable conditions
Income taxes:  
0% in 4 years (since the first year that the enterprises pay taxes)
5% in 9 following years (tax exempt period)
10% in 2 consecutive year (tax exempt period)
10% tax rate income reduction for enterprises taking part in corporate social responsibility
Import-export tax: Tax exempt for imported fixed assets such as raw material, equipment to produce high tech products, software which local countries has not yet involved, imported goods to serve R&D
Value added tax: Tax exempt for equipment, machines and transportation which has not been produced within Vietnam or used for technology R&D
“One door” mechanism
It aims to bring effectiveness for the investors to do all the procedures with the best favorable package. The BOD of Hoa Lac hi-tech park works as a bridge between the investors and other government agencies, thus facilitating the legal procedure. The investors are able to set up business, do all custom procedures, banking transaction and other administration in the park in the most efficient way.
Main functions of the park
Total areas: 1586 ha
Main areas:
Software: 60ha
R&D: 281ha
Silicon Valley: 549.5ha
Education and Training: 138ha
Supporting areas:
Center: 50ha
General services: 87,7ha
Entertainment and Sport: 33.12ha
Buildings for residence: 25ha
Buildings for residences and office: 42ha
Education and training areas:
Covered area: 98.3ha
Building density: 20.39%
Floors: min. 2
Floor area ration: max 0.764 times
R&D area:
Covered area: 55.7ha
Building density: 30-35%
Floors: 4-6 floors
Floor area ration: 1.5 to 2.1 times
Software area:
Covered area: 17.5ha
Building density: 23.4%
Floors: 5 floors
Floor area ration: 0.99 times
Silicon Valley:
Covered area: 117.1ha
Building density: 40-60%
Floors: min. 2
Floor area ration: 1.2 to1.8 times
Center areas:
Covered area: 12.1ha
Building density: 23-41%
Floors: 2-40
General service areas:
Covered area: 16.5ha
Building density: 26-38%
Floors: 2-18 floors
Floor area ration: 2.9 to 4.3 times
Building for experts and workers:
Covered area: 0
Building density: 34%
Floors: 2-30 floors
Floor area ration: 4.79 times
Residence and office building:
Covered area: 0
Building density: 42%
Floors: 3-25
Floor area ration: 2.47 times
Sport and entertainment:
Covered area: 33.12
Building density: 17.9%
Floors: 2-9 floors
Floor area ration: 0.47 times
Besides, there are two center that have been very active in the park: High Tech Enterprise Incubator Center ( and Training Center (
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