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Hong Kong Investment Funds Investing in Real Estate, Banking of Vietnam

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In the talks with Vietnam Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc on September 14th 2016, representatives of corporations and large investment funds from Hong Kong have expressed their interest in investment opportunities in Vietnam.

Talking to Hong Kong enterprises, Government leaders said that Vietnam has amended the Law on Investment towards more open and transparent, creating stable investment environment, ensuring maximum property rights of investors and enterprises; conducting strong reform of administrative procedures in areas such as taxes, electronic customs clearance...

In the process of development, Vietnam hopes that foreign investors will invest in areas such as road transport, railway, waterway and other infrastructure. The Vietnam Prime Minister also noted that investors in the process of production and business should pay attention to ensure the livelihood and skills training of employees; compliance with laws and regulations regarding environment protection in Vietnam.

Highly appreciated the solutions and policies of Vietnam Government, Dr. Jonathan Choi - Sunwah Group Chairman, who is also a permanent Honorary President of China Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong said that investors in Hong Kong are very interested in the stable investment environment and respecting the development of private sector in Vietnam. The investment sectors that are interested by Hong Kong’s large enterprises and investment funds are energy, healthcare, realestate, finance and banking.

Speaking in front of 300 investors attending the Hong Kong - Vietnam Business & Investment Forum, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc said that Vietnam will become one of the largest trading partners of China in ASEAN. In 2016, the bilateral trade turnover between the two countries could reach 100 billion USD.

Also at the forum, Head of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region stated that the Government here will continue to open the door and strongly supporting Vietnam enterprises to penetrate the Hong Kong and Chinese domestic markets.

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