Thứ Hai, 26 tháng 9, 2016

16 Billion USD of FDI Capital into Vietnam

According to the data from the Foreign Investment Department, total foreign direct investment (FDI) in the first 9 months of 2016 reached 16.43 billion USD, equivalent to 95.8% compared to the same period of 2015.

As of September 20th 2016, there were 1,820 new projects were granted the investment registration certificates with total registered capital of 11.165 billion USD, increased by 1.1% from the same period in 2015.
Along with that, there are 851 projects registered to adjust capital, with total additional capital reached 5.265 billion USD, equivalent to 86.1% over the same period in 2015.
Meanwhile, till September 20th 2016, it is estimated that the FDI projects have disbursed 11.02 billion USD, increased by 12.4% over the same period in 2015.
Also according to the report of the Foreign Investment Department, in the first 9 months of 2016, foreign investors have invested in 19 sectors, in which the processing and manufacturing sectors are the sectors that attracting more attention of foreign investors with 767 new investment projects and 608 projects register to adjust capital, the total new and additional capital reached 12.15 billion USD, accounting for 73.9% of total registered investment capital within 9 months.
The real estate business sector ranks the 2nd with 34 new projects with the total new and additional capital reached 1 billion USD, accounting for 6.1% of total registered capital. Fields of professional activities, science and technology rank the 3rd with 649 million USD, accounting for 3.9% of total investment capital.
In the first 9 months of 2016, there are 65 countries and territories have investment projects in Vietnam. In particular, Korean investors led with a total investment capital reached 5.58 billion USD, accounting for 34% of total investment capital in Vietnam.
Singapore ranked 2nd with total investment capital reached 1.84 billion USD, accounting for 11.2% of total registered capital. Japan ranked 3rd with total investment capital reached 1.7 billion USD, accounting for 10.3% of total investment capital.

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